Evidence Published by the Inquiry

The Inquiry has published “a limited number” of documents that have been declassified by the government but large numbers of documents have not been declassified and remain secret.

The Inquiry has now linked all its “declassified documents” from a single page. This breaks the documents down into sections according to the issuing department.

Evidence published so far

05.03.03 Relevant extract from letter from Sir Kevin Tebbit to Sir Andrew Turnbull

11.03.03 Letter from Suma Chakrabarti to Sir Andrew Turnbull

01.04.03 Letter from Suma Chakrabarti to Sir Andrew Turnbull

Letter from Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith QC to Rt Hon. Geoffrey Hoon – 28/03/02

Letter from Rt Hon. Geoffrey Hoon to Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith QC – 14/04/02

Extracts from FCO Diptel 73 of 101727Z April 2002

Memo from Michael Wood to PS, 17/10/02

Letter from John Sawers to Sherard Cowpers-Coles, 07/03/01

David Brummell letter to Tom McKane 12 Feb 2001 re: No Fly Zones

Michael Wood letter to PS 26 March 2002 re: Iraq

Wood note to PS 4 October 2002 re: FAC Iraq: International law

PS note to Wood 15 October re: Iraq

Wood note on 1441 9 December 2002

Rycroft letter re: PM meeting with DPM, Defence Secretary, AG and CDS on 11 March 2003 (with redaction)

13 March 2003 Goldsmith diary entry

13 March Brummell note of conversation with Goldsmith

Wilmshurst early retirement request 18 March 2003

9 June advice – Effect of 1483

Relevant extract of note of Goldsmith meeting with Straw 24 September 2002

Note of Goldsmith/Straw meeting on 13 March dated 17 March

Wood letter to Stephen Wright 15 August 2002 re: Iraq Legality of Use of Force

Wood note to PS 15 October 2002 re: Iraq

Goldsmith/Straw telecom 12 November 2002 AGO note (redacted)

Wood to PS 24 January 2003 re Iraq Legal Basis for use of Force

Straw reply to Wood 29 January 2003

Goldsmith note to Straw 3 February 2003

Straw to Goldsmith 6 February 2003 Iraq: 2nd Resolution

Straw reply to Goldsmith 20 February 2003

Memo from APS/Defence Secretary to PSO/Chief of the Defence Staff – Iraq/Afghanistan commitments, 12/09/05

Memo from PSO/Chief of the Defence Staff to APS/Defence Secretary – Iraq/Afghanistan commitments, 19/09/05

Letter from Austin to Sawers – Iraq: New Policy Framework, 15/03/01

Letter from Short to Blair – Humanitarian Planning and the role of the UN, 14/02/03

Letter from Short to Blair – Post-Conflict Iraq: UN & US roles, 05/03/03