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This is a project to monitor and comment on the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war, which ran from June 2009 to July 2016. It seeks to provide a balance of views and opinion. Its objective is to be constructive and to provide reasoned and well argued comment.

As the Inquiry progressed, the site aimed to provide a dynamic forum for comment and analysis. Now that the Inquiry has published its report, the Digest will, for a short time, provide a forum for reaction to the Inquiry and its outcomes, including attempts to seek legal redress against those whose actions were criticised by the Inquiry. It is not however a vehicle for any such campaign.

The Digest, specifically one contributor, has revealed that the Cabinet Office is concealing advice given to the then prime minister, Gordon Brown on the formation of the Inquiry. Given that this advice is crucial to understanding the structure, membership and remit of the Inquiry, including why it was unable to comment on the legality of the war, the Digest will continue to comment on – and support – efforts to secure its disclosure.

Questions and evidence

The Digest will also continue to analyse whether the Inquiry gave satisfactory answers to what it (the Digest) saw as the main questions or issues that the Inquiry needed to address. In doing so it will highlight the evidence that might answer these questions, including both information published by the Inquiry and that from other sources. As the Inquiry has progressed, the Digest has been updated both to include the evidence that the Inquiry has published and to seek to answer some of the questions posed, although this remains a work in progress.

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The project is run by a group of volunteers, journalists and public figures who want to establish the truth about the Iraq war. The editor is journalist Chris Ames.


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