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This is a project to monitor and comment on the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war. Its aim is both to inform and to provide a dynamic forum for comment and analysis as the Inquiry progresses. It seeks to provide a balance of views and opinion. Its objective is to be constructive and to provide reasoned and well argued comment.

The main aims are to set out what appear to be the main questions or issues that the Inquiry will need to address and to provide a commentary on the Inquiry’s proceedings and revelations. The Inquiry has not held any hearings or published any new evidence since 2011 and in a letter to David Cameron in July 2012, Sir John Chilcot stated that it would not “publish further information piecemeal and in advance of its report”.

Questions and evidence

The site firstly seeks to set out the questions that the Inquiry will need to answer and the evidence that might answer them. The evidence includes both information published by the Inquiry and from other sources. As the Inquiry has progressed, the Digest has been updated both to include the evidence that the Inquiry has published and to seek to answer some of the questions posed.

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The project is run by a group of volunteers, journalists and public figures who want to establish the truth about the Iraq war. The editor is journalist Chris Ames.


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