Inquiry to meet families

by Chris Ames

The Inquiry has written to Rose Gentle, who is the mother of Gordon Gentle, killed in Iraq, and a supporter of Iraq Inquiry Digest, to invite her to a meeting later this month to seek her views.

Rose has been told that the meeting can remain private if she wishes or can be publicised. She has chosen to reveal publicly that the meeting will take place, having campaigned and taken legal action to secure an open and public inquiry. Readmore..

Further damage to international relations

by Chris Ames

The government has indicated that it will again block the release of documents relating to the September 2002 Iraq dossier, on the grounds of “damage to international relations”. This suggests that it hopes to conceal what foreign countries or international institutions said about the dossier as it was being drafted.

The documents could shed light on some of the most controversial claims in the dossier, including a notorious claim that Iraq had sought uranium from Africa and a suggestion that its acquisition of aluminium tubes was related to a nuclear weapons programme. Readmore..

Welcome to the Iraq Inquiry Digest

by Chris Ames

Iraq Inquiry Digest is formally launching today, in advance of the Chilcot Inquiry’s public hearings, on which there should be an announcement later this month, but with plenty to say in the meantime.

We’ve already tried to set out the main evidence that we think the Inquiry will need to see. Some is published and some unpublished. I’m sure we haven’t covered it all so we are very much open to suggestions. Also, if you have any new information, we’d very much like to hear from you. Readmore..