Sir Jeremy Greenstock

Sir Jeremy Greenstock was British Ambassador to the United Nations from 1998 to 2003. He was appointed as the UK’s Special Representative for Iraq in September 2003, and worked with Paul Bremer in the Coalition Provisional Authority. He held this role until March 2004. Sir Jeremy wrote a book about his role in the Iraq war which was scheduled to be published in 2005, but the book’s release was blocked at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. During a 2008 interview for the Charlie Rose Show he stated categorically that British and American leaders had known since 1998 that Iraq had no nuclear weapon programme or capabilities.

Questions for Sir Jeremy Greenstock

Here are some of the questions (under a number of general headings) that we believe the Inquiry should ask Sir Jeremy Greenstock.

We would welcome any further suggested questions, particularly if they come with an explanation of why they are relevant. If you would like suggest questions that go some way to refining the ones we already have here or which raise different issues, please use the comment box at the bottom of the page. (Or otherwise feel free to contact us directly if you prefer to remain anonymous.)

UK-UN delegation knowledge of WMD

What was your understanding of the WMD capabilities of Iraq in the period prior to the 2003 invasion?

Did you see or were you aware of any evidence which categorically stated that Iraq was in material breach of its disarmament obligations?

1441 and the second resolution

Was there a British attempt in late summer/early autumn of 2002 to see the ultimatum on the re-admittance of inspectors cast in terms which Saddam would reject? Was the ultimatum cast in terms that UK thought would work?

Did you believe that R.1441 authorised military action against Iraq?

Did you believe that the failed second resolution should have authorised military action against Iraq?

What is your understanding of the reasons for the failure of the Security Council to agree upon and pass the second resolution?

Pressure on Hans Blix etc to find Iraq in material breach

Were you aware of any political pressure being applied to senior staff members of UNMOVIC and the IAEA with the objective of finding Iraq in material breach of R.1441?

If so, what was this pressure, and which nations applied this pressure?

Pressure on other UNSC members

Were you aware of political pressure being applied to other members of the UN Security Council in the run-up to the 2003 invasion with the objective of gaining support for military action against Iraq?

If so, what was the nature of this pressure?

Were you aware of the claimed spying activities being undertaken against other members of the Security Council?

In an interview broadcast by Panorama on 11 July 2004, the late Adolpho Zinser who was Mexico’s representative at the time said you arranged for him to be briefed by MI6 in New York in February 2003. This was in the period when a second Security Council resolution on Iraq was being sought by UK and US. Zinser said the assessment he received on Iraq’s WMD was more equivocal than the statements that were being made by members of the US and UK governments. Can you confirm that such a briefing, or something very similar took place.

If such a meeting did take place, were you present? If so do you endorse Zinser’s description of the assessment?

Sir Jeremy’s book

What was the title of your book intended to be?

What were your views on the FCO’s decision to prohibit or restrict publication of your book?

What do you believe that it was (which was contained in your book) that became the reason(s) for the FCO objection(s)?

Do you believe that these objections were warranted?

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