Farce at the Inquiry

by Chris Ames

I will provide some views on the substance of the hearing with Tony Blair later – and please add your own views in the meantime – but my initial reaction is that it became a farce over the suppressed documents.

There was a discussion over the leaked March 2002 Iraq Options Paper where the panel got confused over the Cabinet Secretary’s advice over whether they should quote from the leaked version or the official one. Blair quoted from the official version, which turned out to be correct. It is completely farcical that the Inquiry is unable to publish a document a version of which has been in the public domain for years.

And Blair maintained his insistence on discussing only the generalities of what he said or wrote to George Bush. He told Bush, he claimed, that he was “up for the policy… of dealing with this issue.” Utterly meaningless.

When it comes to actual evidence, there are new papers here and the Guardian is already reporting them.

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  1. Richard Heller

    on January 22, 2011 at 7:46 am -

    Yet again, no hint that Chilcot inquiry has looked into Ron Suskind’s story in The Way Of The World – which suggests that Blair knew full well BEFORE the war that Saddam had no WMD.

    In Yorkshire Post yesterday I set myself to view the war through T Blair’s eyes. Even on his terms, the war was a failure. Total failure. The Chilcot inquiry again allowed him to escape into his fantasy world. See http://www.richardheller.co.uk/blog/_archives/2011/1/22/4732385.html

    Meanwhile, the Middle East “peace envoy” is calling for another war against Iran. Perhaps someone could ask him to make practical suggestions for the conduct of this war and its aftermath, given his successful experience in Iraq.