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An open letter to the Information Commissioner

By andrewsimon - Last updated: Sunday, August 26, 2012

by Andrew Mason Following the non-release by means of veto of the March 13 and 17 2003 cabinet minutes, Dr Christopher Lamb, the originator of two Freedom of Information requests seeking the release of these records, has now written an open letter to the Information Commissioner. This letter asks the Commissioner to commission his lawyers […]

March 2003 Cabinet minutes vetoed again

By andrewsimon - Last updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

by Andrew Mason The Information Commissioner’s Office has now issued a statement following today’s announced decision by Attorney General Dominic Grieve to veto for the second time the release of the March 13/17 2003 Cabinet meeting minutes. The Information Commissioner required the Cabinet Office to disclose the withheld information to the complainant within 35 calendar […]

Countdown to Iraq

By andrewsimon - Last updated: Monday, June 4, 2012

by Andrew Mason Alastair Campbell is scheduled to release Volume Four of his diaries on 20 June. This further edition, entitled ‘The Burden of Power: Countdown to Iraq’, is the final planned part of his series, although this new volume apparently indicates that he continued to keep a diary beyond 2003, the entries from which may […]

Cabinet minutes e-petition

By andrewsimon - Last updated: Thursday, August 25, 2011

by Andrew Mason Regular Digest contributor Chris Lamb has today opened an e-petition calling for the release of the Cabinet meeting minutes from 13 and 17 March 2003 on the Directgov website. We would urge anyone with an interest in reading these documents to please sign this petition.

UK Iraq oil discussions revealed

By andrewsimon - Last updated: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

by Andrew Mason The Independent is reporting on a series of newly revealed secret memos exposing government discussions with UK energy companies seeking access to Iraq’s oil reserves in the period prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. These documents, along with many others, were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act over the course […]

Hoon faces calls for Inquiry recall over Franks meeting

By Chris Ames - Last updated: Sunday, October 3, 2010

by Chris Ames Former defence secretary Geoff Hoon faces calls to be recalled to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war after it emerged that he discussed Iraq with the American general who would later lead the invasion, three weeks after Tony Blair’s controversial trip to George Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch in April 2002. General […]

Get a bigger hall!

By Chris Ames - Last updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

by Chris Ames The Inquiry has held a further meeting with relatives of service personnel killed in Iraq, this time in Edinburgh. Tony Blair again seems to have been the focus of attention – and anger. According to the BBC, Rose Gentle, a supporter of the Digest asked Sir John Chilcot if the relatives could […]

Committee to meet families and veterans

By Chris Ames - Last updated: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Inquiry has now publicly announced that it is to hold a series of meetings with both the families of those who died in Iraq and veterans of the war, although it prefers the term “conflict”. In a news release, the Inquiry says: “Veterans of the Iraq conflict and families of those who died or […]

Low-key invite to TELIC veterans

By andrewsimon - Last updated: Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The MoD on Monday 05 October 2009 issued a press statement outlining an invition by open letter from Iraq inquiry chairman Lord Chilcot to former participants of Operation TELIC (the 2003 Iraq campaign). This letter offers veterans the opportunity to give their views to the Iraq inquiry committee at a series of roadshows being held in London, Manchester, Bristol and later in Scotland and Northern Ireland, beginning on Wednesday 14 October 2009.

However, this release has received very little publicity and, as of this time of writing (early Wednesday 07 October 2009), has not appeared on the Iraq inquiry website.